Retaining a rustic feel despite its chic design

A comfortable lounge area, intimately lit, accompanies a large, roomy restaurant complete with an impressive semi-open kitchen and wood burning pizza oven something of a rarity so that you really get the feel of the restaurant. Throughout there is a pleasing mix of old and new.

A dramatic fireplace and black and white photographs of rural scenes from the old country combine with sleek wooden tables, a fetching glass atrium and sensitive modern lighting. Around this the friendly, knowledgeable staff move with grace and efficiency between the busy diners.



Relaxing yet vibrant, Adriano’s seems to achieve the two almost simultaneously. The menu is naturally Sardinian in tone, accompanied by a healthy mix of Mediterranean favourites ensuring that there is something for everyone. Expect a fine variety of meat and seafood offerings in particular. Dishes like Sardinian suckling pig, or indeed Gnocchi alle Melanzane, help to offer something that bit different and certainly distinguish Adriano’s from the crowd. Of course there is still the usual range of pizza and pasta dishes done extremely well, we might add, making this a great choice for kids and grown-ups alike.



Adding a burst of sunshine of the culinary landscape of Gosforth, Adriano’s is unique, and it is more than just the food that brings a smile to your face. It is the sort of restaurant whose spirit is infectious. Warms, sunny and simply irresistible, its mix of classic and more unusual Mediterranean dishes gladdens the heart and lightens the soul. Traditional yet modern;



classical but contemporary, Adriano’s is a shining jewel on Gosforth’s high street and well worth